Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Staple Dress in denim

It is Kids Clothes Week and I love seeing what my sewing friends have been making for their kids! Even though I cannot join in the fun this time round, I would like to share a little something I made for the Big Kid in the family - me!

Oh yeah baby! I sewed for myself again! I made the Staple Dress. I have seen so many wonderful Staple dresses (like here, here and here) that just had to make one. I bought the pattern from Indie Stitches, an Aussie based on-line boutique that offers a great range of indie patterns. For Australian buyers shipping is free - bonus!

OK, back to my dress. I actually made it a few weeks ago when it was still hot, since we are heading into Autumn I didn't want to make a summer dress. My Staple dress is made out of very lightweight denim. It is not one of the suggested fabrics, but I figured it wouldn't look out of place during cooler months. Just imagine it paired up with boots, a cardigan and maybe a scarf.

My bust - waist - hips measurements put me in sizes XS - S - S. Since I am planning on layering the dress over cooler months (and have no idea how to 'marry' two sizes) I made my dress in size S.

I must have got lost in translation at some point and converted inches into centimetres wrong hence ended up with a very wide neckline. Oops!

Please let me introduce my personal stylist to you all. While I was getting ready Little Monkey played with my jewellery box. She fell in love with a pair of earrings she found in there and wanted me to wear them. I bought these earrings from a talented local crafter Melissa. Melissa has so many beautiful things to offer!

My young stylist and I enjoy monkeying around together, even in public.

Oh I can imagine a few more Staple dresses in my wardrobe in the future! They are so easy to make and so comfy to wear!

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2 - Hosh Pants and September Tunic

Do you like surprises? I do!

It was a pleasant surprise when Rachael and Jill, the super talented ladies behind the Perfect Pattern Parcel, contacted me - silly little me - to be a part of the blog tour for the Perfect Pattern Parcel #2. At first the only thing I knew was that Pattern Parcel #2 included sewing patterns for a little girl's essential spring wardrobe. A little suspense, a little surprise, oh I loved it and of course I said Yes!

The biggest surprise arrived later when participants were told what five patterns were included in the parcel.

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2

Hanami Top or Dress by Straight Grain Hosh Pants by LoubeeClothing Celestial Tee by Figgy’s September Tunic & Dress by Too Sweets Patterns Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations
If I did not promise to keep the content of the Pattern Parcel a secret, I would have been shouting about it from rooftops! Believe it or not, I had three of these patterns on my To Buy wishlist already, and I have been eyeing the forth for ages! Besides, the patterns included in the parcel are perfect for Autumn we are enjoying in the Southern hemisphere.

So now I had five patterns I had to choose which one to use. I really wanted to drop everything and go make five new outfits for Little Monkey, but since we are just about to move house and packing doesn't happen by itself, I had to narrow it down to one or two.

So, While she was sleeping, I made a new outfit for Little Monkey using the Hosh Pants and the September Tunic patterns from the Perfect Pattern Parcel #2. 

I am not sure if Little Monkey is going for Dr Evil's look in this photo. Her royal cheekiness decided she was not in the mood for photos and ran off.

Thank goodness for a long stick that kept my unwilling model amused for a little while - just long enough to snap a few photos!

This is the second pair of Hosh Pants I made for Little Monkey. You can see the first pair here. This time I made her pants longer. Just like last time, I used cotton sateen with stretch to make the pants. Little Monkey calls these her 'shiny pink pants'. I can live with that.

The September Tunic was a new pattern to me. Curiosity may have killed a cat, but in my case it gave me a push to try a new pattern. I am very pleased with it. The pattern is quite easy to put together. Even a novice sewist could make a beautiful tunic or a dress without going crazy setting the sleeves in.

Little Monkey chose the fabric for her tunic from what was available in my stash. I had five vintage buttons that seemed to match the fabric perfectly - done.

This outfit is a little different to what I usually make for Little Monkey, but I love it! Little Monkey now has a perfect outfit for Easter. It looks very girly and somewhat glamorous, but it is still very comfy for a young child to wear and go about their usual business (wiggle, jump and explore that is... or play with long sticks).

Little Monkey may look girly and glamorous in her new outfit, but she is still the same car and truck loving little creature on the inside. So, of course she had to stop and admire our neighbours' bob cat!

After the photo-shoot Little Monkey went bike riding with her Daddy... still wearing her 'glamorous' Easter outfit!

I love these two :)

I will definitely be using the remaining three patterns from the Patter Parcel #2 in the future!

Would you like to purchase this Pattern Parcel? Just click on the link below. There might be another surprise waiting for you. Choose a price of $24 or greater for Parcel #2 and you will also be sent the Bonus Pattern! The Bonus Pattern for this Parcel is the Prefontaine Shorts by Made with Moxie.

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2

This Parcel is only available for the next two weeks.

Would you like to see more gorgeousness created using these five patterns? Make sure you check out other participant's blogs over the next two weeks:

Shawnta Sews P comme Plimplim CailaMade While she was sleeping YoSaMi stitched together Sew Like My Mom Marina Bebe lexi.made sewVery Call Ajaire I Married Superman Girl like the sea Stitched Compagnie M. Buzzmills floating world fake it while you make it Sewing Mama RaeAnna Our Chez Nous NeurosesGalore Behind the Hedgerow Needle and Ted Kadiddlehopper 2 little hooligans Max-California.com Siestas & Sewing So Cal Sewing Mom lauren dahl La gang à Nat Frances Suzanne Radiant Home Studio Modern Handmade A Jennuine Life It's Always Autumn lea & lars I Seam Stressed So, Zo... What do you know? Andrea's Notebook Steph Skardal Nutta! Sewpony Made With Moxie imagine gnats Inder Loves Folk Art Pienkel
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Hosh pants

I cannot declare the season of cool pants open and not make more cool pants.

The cool factor of Hosh pants by Emmyloubeedoo is right up there. Agree?

I really love these pants, but was hesitant to make a pair for Little Monkey as I was worried they might look ridiculous on my skinny model. However after I saw the Hosh pants my blogging friend Carolina made for her girl I decided I had to give it a go.

So, While she was sleeping, I made a pair of Hosh pants for my Little Monkey.

She was not in the mood for photos!

No, she is not turning around so that I could photograph the back of the pants. She is turning away from the camera. What can I say? Being a daughter of a sewing blogger must be a tough gig.

Back to the pants though. I bought this brightly coloured stretch cotton sateen from my local Spotlight. Hosh pants provide a great opportunity to showcase cool prints as there are no side seams.

I feel I got a little out of my comfort zone making such bright pants, but I enjoyed the feeling! The pattern consists of only for pieces and it doesn't take long to put a pair of cool pants together at all! It helps when a pattern is accompanied by clear instructions.

Oh well, Little Monkey did not enjoy being photographed in her new cool pants, but she did enjoy wearing them!

My local Spotlight has more fun prints in their cotton sateen range, so I might just have to make a few more pairs of cool Hosh pants for Little Monkey.

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Friday, 21 March 2014

The very pink London pants

Oh, the things we do for love! Some climb mountains, write songs, give up certain foods, move across the globe or tattoo their loved one's name on their bodies...

... I made a pair of pink pants.

Yep, as pink as they get. Because I love my daughter. And because she now likes pink. She spotted this pink corduroy on my fabric shelf and straight away claimed it as hers. So While she was sleeping I turned pink corduroy into a pair of funky London pants with lots of pockets and buttons! When I showed Little Monkey her new pants she said she loved them and that they looked like her daddy's. I think I have a few questions for my husband!

The London pants by Petite Kids Boutique is a lovely pattern that is suitable for both boys and girls. It features a flat front with pockets, side pockets and adjustable length. Enough pockets and buttons to keep Little Monkey happy. As for me, I love the flat front and the fact the pants can be rolled up or let down, which is super convenient at this time of year when temperatures may fluctuate dramatically.

We usually test Little Monkey's new clothes on playgrounds. Her new London pants were tested at...

I got tickets to the Australian Grand Prix as a Birthday present for my husband last year. We all enjoyed the trip and decided to make it an annual family event. So last Sunday we got up bright and early and headed to Albert Park to see 'a lot of fast cars', according to Little Monkey.

I was very pleased with how well Little Monkey's London pants performed. She seemed very comfortable in them. They fit her like a glove! It is a pity she was not in the mood to be photographed.

It was a cool day, but I still wanted to take a few photos of the pants rolled up.

My mum knitted the cardigan Little Monkey is wearing in these photos. She is very talented! Little Monkey stayed nice and warm, and looked oh so cute!

Just like last year, we all enjoyed the Grand Prix. After the race we got to check out the track. Obviously, the best photos are taken on race circuits when unwilling models are too busy having fun to care their mums are going crazy taking photos!

Thank you Petite Kids Boutique for supplying me with this lovely pattern for the review! It is a well designed pattern with clear instructions. I had a lot of fun sewing these pants.

I declare the season of cool pants for cooler weather open!

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Monday, 3 March 2014

Take One Dress: Do Guincho to While she was sleeping

I am super excited to be guest posting at As It Seams today.

When Victoria first mentioned her idea of the Take One Dress series I thought it was brilliant! Seriously, how often do we see something that gets our creative juices flowing? So the idea of inviting a few ladies to get creative as well as provide a source of inspiration for each other - who would say no to that? Not me.

Here is a little dress I made for Little Monkey for the series. Please head over to Victoria's blog to see more photos and read the story behind this dress.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Jenya in yellow

I did it! Oh how exciting! I really really did it! I sewed for myself! Whoo hoo!!!

Yes I really am THAT excited. I have been sewing like a maniac for the past two years. Mostly for my daughter and for markets. I have been meaning to make something for myself for ages. I even had a go at it a few months ago, which unfortunately was a disaster.

I am not into New Year resolutions, however this year I have decided to start sewing for myself.

Have you heard of the Shades of Me sewing series created by Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House and Celina of Petit a petit and family? The idea behind the series is to encourage women to sew more for themselves. I have been inspired by all the colourful gorgeousness, and I could not resist to join in!

Sorbetto Top by Colette patterns looked like it could be a successful first 'sewing for myself' project. I bought this yellow printed cotton poplin at Spotlight a few months ago. How funky is this print? And how well does it look as a Sorbetto top? Yeah!

I have confessed my undying love for buttons on numerous occasions. I sew buttons onto everything I make for Little Monkey, as she is just as addicted to buttons as I am. Now she will have to share cool buttons with me! Sharing is caring sweetie ;)

 Little Monkey said she loved her mummy's new dress. Best compliment ever!

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Button hair clips and tutorial

It is not a secret that both Little Monkey and I are addicted to buttons. I sew buttons on everything - clothes, shoes, accessories. However, one of my favourite thing to use buttons for is to make hair clips for Little Monkey.

A cute accessory that costs next to nothing and only takes a couple of minutes to make? Yes please! Would you like to know how I make mine? Just click on Read more.

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