Nivalis dress for winter

Why must winter be so cold and dark!

Obviously this is not something I can change. However I can make bright warm clothes to help us deal with winter better. I can, and I did.

This is the Nivalis dress and tunic pattern from Sofilantjes*. I made a summer version of this dress nearly two years ago and have been planning to make another one 'soon' ever since.

This dress is size 8 width with size 9 length. I learned my lesson and did not mess with the length of the bodice. I simply lengthened the dress at the hemline. I could probably get away with a straight size 8, but my girlies are growing at such a crazy rate I decided it would be safer to add a few cm in length.

They say that blue and green should not be seen. I strongly disagree! I think it is a wonderful combination! In fact, I have already combined these two fabrics before, first to make a jumpsuit for my little love and then a top for my big love.

The green is merino fleece from The Fabric Store that I purchased on sale a couple of years ago. I only have a small piece left. If I could go back in time I would have bought a lot more of this fabric!

The blue is a lovely jersey I bought from MaaiDesign ages ago. I used most of it to make a dress for myself. I have small bits and pieces left, but definitely not enough for a full garment, not even for my little human.

Sending my big love to a dance school was the best thing I could have done to improve our photo-shoots! She simply does fun and at times quirky dance moves and I click away! So easy! Well, that, and a promise of a chocolate or TV time at the end of a photo-shoot. A perfect strategy if you ask me.

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  1. Beautiful dress and your daughter looks gorgeous in it. I've just bought the same green Merino from The Fabric Store at their current sale. It's my favourite colour.


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