Lana tee for her and for me

It is not often that my girlies and I appear on the blog together, but here I am with my big love participating in the Lana top and dress tour today. This is the latest release from Coffee and Thread.

When I was invited to participate in the tour I instantly thought that my big girlie would love a Lana tee. It has such cool sleeves! If you think I was right, you are wrong! Miss R declared that she loved handmade dresses but preferred tees from the shops, because they had shiny pictures on them. Yes. My beloved child who was raised on handmade goodness fell for cheap sequins appliques.

I do accept no as an answer. After all, she didn't say no to sewing for her full stop. Besides, she is not really a kiddo who would get plenty of wear out of tees as she generally prefers dresses.

Just as I made peace with the thought of not making a Lana tee for my big love we happened to be at Spotlight together. She saw a colourful sequin iron on applique she loved, but I decided that I didn't want to spend $6-7 on it. I checked out slub cotton knit for myself. It came in a wide variety of colours. I bought maroon and pink and my big love pointed at mustard and said she wanted a tee made from it, with the sequin applique she spotted earlier. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Well of course love, I would happily spend the double of what a cheap tee with a sequin applique would cost at a department store, just so that I could make you one!

Because this knit is 100% cotton and doesn't have a lot of stretch I decided to play it safe and made a larger size than what my big love measured for. It's OK, she may get more wear out of it. Provided the applique won't fall off after the first wash! Miss R declared that she loved the sleeves and didn't take the tee off after the photo shoot, so there is hope!

While my big love was not convinced about a Lana tee, I knew I wanted to copy Mie who copied Olga who made a ruffle-less Lana. I am just not a ruffly type of a girl. I made a colour blocked ruffle-less Lana tee from that slub cotton knit I bought at Spotlight.

Making this pattern ruffle-less is easier than one may think! Mie has two short tutorials in her 'highlights' on Instagram (here is the cap sleeve hack, and here is how to finish the sleeve).

Adding colour blocking was not hard either. I simply cut up the pattern where I wanted to colour block it and added seam allowances to all pieces. Somehow I ended up with the shirt front piece 2 cm shorter than the back. I double checked my paper pattern and everything was correct, on top of that the waistline of the front and back fabric pieces matched up perfectly, so the mystery of the shorter front remains unsolved. Since I couldn't make the front longer I trimmed the back piece and called it good.

My Lana tee turned out deliciously retro, and I love it! The shape of this tee is so spot on I know I will turn to this pattern again in the future. Also, you may be curious to know that Olga added a long sleeve option to the pattern so it is now officially appropriate for all seasons.

During the pattern tour Olga offers 20% discount on the Lana for women and the Lana for kids patterns with the code "lanatour". The Lana is also available as a bundle.

And before I go I wanted to show you what was happening during our Lana photo shoot! Yep we really are that immature haha


  1. I love your color-blocked look and the way you and your girlie are matching in your Lanas. You've inspired me to try to get more creative with the matching looks! These pictures are the best!

  2. Cute cute photos and amazing tees. I REALLY love the colors in yours Jenya. And hahaha about the struggle for your daughter's tee. I'm glad it all worked out. Also thank you for the shout out. I'm so glad my tutorial was helpful. 😘

  3. I just looooooove your tee! And the expensive sequins, oh well. At least you know that this one was made with lot's of love, I bet she can feel that too!


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