Introducing Constant CHANGE

A few months ago my friend Renee from Nearest the Pin and I started chatting about running a series together. We initially thought about something around the change of seasons, however the idea quickly evolved and we started talking about change in general. We talked about changes we have experiences since becoming mums. Our body shapes changed. Our routines and priorities changed. We spent time at home with our babies, returned to work... We talked about celebrating our children's milestones, moving houses and countries, discovering new hobbies... We talked about change. Because there is one constant in life - change.

This is how our new series was born.

Renee and I invited a few wonderful guests to talk about what change means for them, and share something they have made, something that represents change. We were encouraged by positive response from these wonderful ladies! Heidi, Erin, Magda, Shino, Teresa, Abby, Mieke, Annika, Marisa, Ines, Jill and Suz are exceptionally good at what they do. Both Renee and I cannot wait to read their posts.

So please come back on Monday to talk about Constant CHANGE.


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