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I am excited to have Trine from Groovy Baby and Mama posting for You & Me today. A lot of you may have seen Trine's amazing creations for the Project Sewn challenge. This floral dress was my absolute favourite! And here Trine is rocking her Lady Skater dress.

You know I admire people who sew jeans. Check out this cool pair of Small Fry Skinny Jeans she made for her daughter! Perfection. I absolutely love the dress version of the Little Betty pattern Trine made for the Take One Dress challenge. How cute do Trine's kids look in their unisex outfits she created for the Calling All Kids series? Here is another super stylish boy's outfit. And there are many more on her blog! Do check them out :)

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Hi there,

It's Trine from groovy baby and mama - and I'm a Sewaholic! Besides from that I'm the mother of four fantastic children between the ages 7 and 15. Two girls and two boys.

In the 8th grade I made this hideous coral colored sweat suit and swore that I would never sew again....although I was very proud of and fascinated by all the gorgeous creations my mum would sew for me and my sister - and herself.

It was not until my third kid was born that I dusted off the sewing machine and started sewing again - and I haven't stopped since.

I'm a 100% self taught seamstress - haven't taken classes of any kind. You'll be surprised (or perhaps not) what you can learn from the great www and a couple of books.

I sew mostly for my younger kids and myself. Hubby not so much - as in nothing at all! My kids love almost everything I make for them. Wilma, my youngest, honestly does not need any more mum-made dresses....but I can't help it. I love making dresses for her - and she lits up everytime I make her a new one! She names her dressses. Not ordinary names. No, she has a 'this is my when I collect snails and bugs in spring dress' and 'my very late in the evening new years eve dress'...not to mention the 'when I visit cousin Frida dress'! She's so sweet and grateful.

My sons, Albert and Bertram, think it's pretty cool when I make them vampire capes and Minecraft costumes - but they are also big fans of mum's cool homemade sweatpants and skinny jeans.

And then there's Luna - my beautiful and sweet 15 year old daughter. As most teens she loves to go shopping. Preferably with her girlfriends - but once in a while she also includes her old mum. She's pretty selective when it comes to style - and loves the minimalistic fashion trends. Not to much color and bling! And the very best part about our often very cheap and very treasured mum/Luna shopping sprees (from my point of view), is when she sees something she likes and states  'Mum, I bet you can make me something similar and just as gorgeous?' She really appreciates the stuff I make for her which makes me so happy!

We are both huge fans of stripes. Luna has asked for a pair of striped shorts for a while now, so here you go, my dear! 'Just as I wanted them, slouchy and comfy - perfect Mum!´

As for me - well, I'm more into maxi dresses. So, here you go me. 'Just as I wanted it - perfect, Me'!

Thank you so much for inviting us, Jenya - it's been so much fun as you can see.


* * *

Thank you very much for sharing beautiful outfits and a wonderful story with us today Trine. Both the dress and the shorts are perfect, and to hear your daughter say  'Just as I wanted them, slouchy and comfy - perfect Mum!´ must be so special! I must say I love all the creative names Wilma gives her outfits :)

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  1. I'm so envious of the way Trine always creates a perfect mix of chic, casual and comfort. Perfect!

  2. This is wonderful. I love to hear of all your children and how they like what you sew for them!

  3. I just love Trine's style so so much! How awesome that your kids love everything you make for them too! :)

  4. I love your style Trine and you and your teen are so gorgeous! Love your dress and her shorts... Yay for stripes!

  5. I never would have guessed that she was your daughter! You look like contemporaries. Amazing!


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