The Covert Robin - what I sent

A few weeks ago I was reading through Imagine Gnats status updates on Facebook, and the Covert Robin got mentioned a few times. It sounded like talking in code, so I asked Rachael about it. Rachael explained that the Covert Robin was a mystery gift exchange hosted by Imagine Gnats and a few other talented crafters. Since someone had pulled out I could jump on board if I wanted to.

Now, anyone who had four custom orders, an Easter pressie to make and only about three weeks to start and complete them would have been smart enough to postpone jumping in. However I am not only smart, I am also adventurous. So I signed up.

Ruth from Ruth plus two was my secret partner. I enjoyed reading her blog trying to get to know her and get some ideas as to what could be a nice pressie. Ruth sounds like a very optimistic and energetic person. She is also a very talented crafter. There were a few things on her blog that got my imagination working. Reading about how beautiful Canberra looks in Autumn I got a colour inspiration for my project. It had to be red. Reading about the walks and watching hot air balloons with the little ones, I had an image of a nappy wallet pop in my head. I also wanted to make something just for Ruth, so I made her a little coffee cup holder.

I started by making a pattern for a nappy wallet. I wanted to make a rather roomy one, so grabbed a few of my daughter's nappies, a slim box of bum wipes and a disposable change mat - sanity and embarrassment saving things I have in my nappy wallet. I measured how wide and long the wallet had to be to fit all of the above. I thought I would sew elastic in the strap so if Ruth decided to take an extra nappy, or anything else, really, the wallet could extend further.

As for Ruth's cup holder, I went to a coffee shop and asked what was the most popular size of a take away cup. I made my own pattern again. I had to adjust my pattern a few times before I was happy with it. This is the cup holder that I sent to Ruth:

And this is how you make sure an empty coffee cup is not going to fly away during a photo-shoot on a windy day :)

Thank you for sharing your adventures, Ruth. See you around.

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  1. Love love love! The elastic idea is genius and the coffee cup holder is so darn cute I want takeaway coffees just so I can use it :-)

  2. This is such a great gift idea! And your coffee cozi turned out beautiful.

    1. Thank you Anshu :) I had so much fun making it that I made a few more and gave them to girls at work as a well and truly belated Christmas present hehe


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