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Today I welcome Emily from Nap-Time Creation on the log.

Emily is an amazing lady with a huge heart. She is a mum to two boys and a foster mum to babies that need to spend time away from their homes. Emily sews, cooks, crafts - you name it! She also hosts a linky party. One of my favourite projects on Emily's blog are the jeans she made for her boys. Anyone who has made jeans is a hero in my eyes! How about this Mulberry tunic? Emily also sews for her friends children. Check out these gorgeous Sally dresses she made for friends' daughters. If making jeans for her boys was not enough to impress you, check out a pair of jeans Emily made for herself! Of course this is only a top of an iceberg. You really need to visit Emily's blog to see more of her creations.

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Hi all! I'm Emily from Nap-Time Creations! I'm pretty much a game for any sewing series... and when Jenya contacted me about participating in the YOU & ME series I was all in! My mom sewed for me much of my childhood, and then I started sewing for myself... and I haven't stopped. Now I get SO excited to sew for my kids. I have two boys, and I do love making things for them. Just check out my blog and you'll find tons of sewing ideas for boys. If you've read my about me page you will also know that I'm a foster mom. We have the opportunity to foster babies from China when they come to Hong Kong for medical care and it has been our joy and privileged to care for two different baby girls in the past year. One of the reasons to get kids into a foster situation as apposed to an orphanage is to form an attachment to a single caregiver... I have no problem bonding with these babies... and both have bonded to me... its also the hardest as well, because I have to say good-bye.

you and me7

When I sew for someone, it's not only my time, but a little piece of my heart that is sewn into the project. I spend my sewing time thinking about and praying for that person. I love creating outfits and blankets for babies not yet born... and dreaming of their life to come. I love to make my boys happy with things I make for them and hear them share that "my mom made that!" I also love to sew for the kids of my friends, creating matching outfits for sister or things that are hard to find here in Hong Kong. You and Me represents anyone that I have ever put a tiny piece of my heart into a sewing project for, and all those that will be in the future. For this series it was the chance to snap some photos with this adorable baby girl and capture the memories we have from our time with her.

you and me3

For Jenya's series I created two new patterns/tutorials that I will be sharing next week on my blog. For myself I had found this amazing Iranian Chiffon when we were in Dubai and had been dreaming of a flowing skirt made from it. I created a simple wrap skirt with two fabrics and it feels and moves great.

you and me6 you and me2

YiLi isn't a big smiler... and she is deaf, so it's super hard to get her attention in photos {ha! like babies aren't hard enough already!!!} I love this one of us though!

you and me5

For YiLi's outfit I made a bubble romper pattern using a store bought one as I guide. I've graded it to three sizes and will be sharing the 3,6,9 month size pattern next week. I hope you will stop by and give the pattern a try. The ruffles on the front {made with fabric from my skirt} top off this totally adorable look. {I almost didn't make this romper big enough!}

you and me

Awwww sweet ruffles and drool... love it.

you and me1

Thanks Jenya for having me today... it was a blast putting this post together. Please mark your calendars to come over to my place next week and get these two patterns. You can follow me here:

Here are a few recent projects, click the photos for the post

simple dress2

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Thank you for participating in the series Emily. I love the skirt and the romper you have made. The ruffle on the romper made from the same fabric as your skirt ties two garments together so nicely! I can only imagine how difficult saying goodbye to your foster children must be!

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  1. Wow, what a cutie YiLi is!! Your skirt is fantastic Emily - what beautiful fabric. I loved reading this post and I'm looking forward to your patterns :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for participating Emily :) Love what you have made, love the story behind the garments you make :)

  3. Oh she's adorable or groups romper and bubba.

  4. wow, i love that you take foster children. my sister has a long-time foster daugther (she is now 5 and has been with them since she was 9mt old). but i imagine that it must be incredibly hard to let these children go again. you must be a really strong woman!

  5. Great post, Emily!!! Love the little romper.


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